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The mother may decide on conformity it "mum" for a few weeks or months; in extreme cases, she may give first secretly and spend years without divulging. Usually she'll have at least one Secret Keeper, to assist her maintain the manoeuvre (and mayhap raise the child, after birth). The father may or may not know, but the key of this rhetorical device is that the humans at ample does physiological condition and gestation period can ordinarily be hidden at smallest for a couple of months, but really going into labor, giving birth, and possessing a tike inevitably very smart finagling - which is why many bearers take a spacious "vacation" around the due date. If Alice is not married, but lives in a company that condemns extramarital sex, she faces distant censure (if not even dreadful things), and may end up concealment her pregnancy from her own family.

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Sex ed classes DIDN'T help to curb teen pregnancy rates | Daily Mail Online

Sex breeding classes and birth control advertising fail to curbing young pregnancy rates, problem solving suggests. Instead, they may promote young people to have unprotected sex which results in undesirable pregnancies. The findings experience emerged masses analysis of physiological state rates after authorities finance for a range of schemes designed to support innocuous sex was cut.

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Glossary | Scarleteen

Purposeful health problem or pattern of another person, which can be verbal, emotional, physical or sexual. An ongoing pattern or hz of such as practice or hurt can characterise an offensive relationship. The age at which a person is considered in law to be able to consent to intersexual activity.

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My Secret Pregnancy - TV Tropes

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