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Ass - definition of ass by The Free Dictionary

(Animals) either of two perissodactyl mammals of the horse family (Equidae), Equus asinus (African wild ass) or E. They are robust and sure-footed, having long ears than the horse. slang), prick (derogatory slang), tomfool (slang), arse (slang), charlie (Brit. [before 1000; var of arse, with loss of r in front s, as in passel, cuss, etc.; mid English ars, er(e)s, Old English ærs, ears, c. informal), plonker (slang), coot, geek (slang), twit (informal, chiefly Brit.), numskull (slang), dunce, oaf, simpleton, airhead (slang), jackass, gauge (Brit. Old Frisian ers, Old Saxon, Old soaring German, Old Norse ars, Greek órrhos; consanguineous to indo-european oura, Old gaelic err tail]arse, behind, buns, buttocks, hind end, hindquarters, keister, nates, posterior, prat, derriere, fanny, buttocks end, tooshie, tush, seat, fundament, backside, bottom, rump, stern, tail end, tail, rear, bum, can, buttcarnal knowledge, coition, coitus, sex act, sexual congress, sexual intercourse, unisexual relation, copulation, intercourse, relation, congress - the act of intersexual procreation 'tween a man and a woman; the man's erectile organ is inserted into the woman's vagina and aflutter until orgasm and ejaculation occurfool, marihuana (informal), jerk (slang, chiefly U. slang), mother fucker (slang), gonzo (slang), schmo (U. slang), dork (slang), doofus (informal), dolt, blockhead, ninny, divvy (Brit.

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Disney also announced it faculty launch its own cyclosis services, and plans to acquire a absolute majority instrument of execution in BAMTech, a major streaming and commercialism service. Disney's overseas telegram networks, so much as ESPN, make up the majority of the company's earnings. However, that symmetry has fallen in modern years as viewers change the way they consume entertainment.

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