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Elton room declared his retreat from touring at a insistency association on Wednesday. “And if you’re up to do 300 shows, you’re not in ill health. Listen, endmost period I picked up an unhealthiness in america and I was existent ill for seven weeks and it knocked me sideways, but I placid did 96 shows last year.” The decision was made two eld ago, John said, settled in the main on thinking about his two children. ” rearmost on a serious note, John brought up the status of Diamond, who’d compete compere at his most inevitable order appearance in 1970. But unlike fellow activity legend Neil Diamond, who declared his own retirement two life earlier, John’s travelling resignation isn’t effective immediately: He’s aim out on a three-year, 300-gig “Farewell sensational Brick Road” enlistment that will start Sept. “By the time the tour finishes I’ll be 74, and there’ll be so so much more for me to do creatively, but it won’t be touring,” he said. “He introduced me off his own posterior at the Troubadour because he loved my record, and he was a huge star then, and he’s a huge starring now. “In the estate of the realm today — in England, of course — they aforesaid I’m preceding because of ill health,” said John, referring to news stories anticipating the announcement.

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Elton John Announces Retirement From Touring After 50 Years – Variety

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