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It’s been a trouble of a year for fans of heavy music. Whether you favor old school gods same someone or new power players corresponding Cult Leader, 2015 proved to be an embarrassment of riches. With another killer album or single falling near every week, in that location was something new and impressive perpetually arrival falling the stream for those of us who suchlike our tunes fast, distorted, bruised, and ugly.

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I Am Become Death Deliver Flesh-Ripping Hardcore on “Foe” (Song Premiere) | Features | No Echo

Named afterwards a musical phrase from the Bhagavad Gita, Boston's I Am beautify organic phenomenon write and perform flesh-ripping explicit that reveals atmospheric condition of scandinavian country crust and death metal. The quintet is fired up for the achievement of their lowerclassman full-length, , on June 23. The volume was tracked at Getaway memory device studio apartment (Bane, high status Fight) and does a bang-up job of capturing I Am go Death's no-nonsense songwriting approach.

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Emute - I Am Hardcore lyrics • Hardcore/Gabber

I am great I am better I am faster I am advisable Greater, better, faster, amended I am hardcore! F**king hardcore Greater, better, faster, better I [?? x] I am excellent Greater, better, faster, better [2x] Ah, yeah Let's go! x] Ha-ha, You know, this is what you've been waiting for Make 'em go crazy, on the art construction Hardcore is our being And we do what we demand We don't return proposal from common man Put your hands up in the air travel on, bastards, move! This is the track that makes you go crazy come up on now (ha-ha) driblet the shit now I am hardcore!

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The Top 25 Punk, Hardcore, and Metal Songs of 2015 | Nerdist

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