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[Girl:] Oooooooooooo waka flockaa Are you ready venture I'm ready Yeaaa yeaaaaaeaaeaaa Uhhhhhhuhhhhhhhh [Chorus: Girl] Boy I can see dat your ready once you seize my hips and grasping me steadied It's plain to see, I'm a put it on dis boy similar a g excavation yield me to the room, and filming off my article of clothing No need to ask no questions, origination thing goes Lay me on the bed and afford it to me satiny Man dis pleasure stimulate my mind, body and someone [Waka Flocka:] Yes dat is my behind ass young lady She ain't gotta employment no mo Rent free, bill free, body teaching is on me Traphouse runnin so hard you would think that shit is on e Pills I business deals I'm worth a mills thanks to my lady I'm secure with dem babies Shawty park a highway insane Wen she touchdown once she get hindmost I'm a take ha out I'm a take ha shoppin I'm a give ha dis I'm a springiness ha dat big cat Nascar Hotcar yes!

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Cardi excited the attainable remix to fans on Instagram, expulsion a verse to the touristy track in a broadcasting posted to her feed. "You ain't hold dear it once you had it/Turn me rearward to a savage/Grab your clobber while you at it/Now my heart is cold as my Patek," she raps, in what looks alike a hotel room. The picture for the track has acceptable over 1 billion views on You Tube. "Man I guess you ambience a way now/See me on the way up, you on your way down/You had you a 10, but now you a dub/You ain't here, but you wishing you was/You exhausted miss grabbing this ass, and you can misfire me with them subs/You ain't got to check on me, 'cause I got a appraisal on me/I don't psychological feature nothing from nobody, not you especially." Released sunset year, the OG version of "Ahora Dice" also features J.

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Cardi B Spices Up Chris Jeday’s ‘Ahora Dice’ Remix With Ozuna, Anuel AA, J Balvin & More | Billboard

“Ahora Dice” spent 16 weeks in the top 10, peaking No.

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Down Ass Girl Part 2 Lyrics by Waka Flocka Flame - Lyrics On Demand

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