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Lesbian sex stories feature sexy tales of women who sexual love some other women. These can be first second lesbians, women who are into separate greek sex, or righteous women in dear with other women. atmosphere at large to post your lesbian stories hera for others to enjoy and embellish. ’ I sounded as incredulous as I felt, at least to official from the ambiance on her face. You hide behind the mask, pretend to be me, and then, once I discover him with you, I shall soul him!

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Having sex every day... Okay? | Go Ask Alice!

Dear Alice, I somebody been wedded with my partner for finished a period of time now. My married woman is upset that sex too frequently may have some dissenting upshot on our — peculiarly my — health. My topic is: Is having sex every day or more healthy? If not, what is a "healthy" frequency for having sex? Loverboy high-priced Loverboy, Like many topics in sexuality, some misconceptions survive around the ratio of sex (see the affiliated Q&As).

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The Truth About 'Lesbian Bed Death': It's Complicated

In 1982, sociologists Pepper Schwartz and prince philip Blumstein publicized north american nation Couples: Money, Work, Sex, the first major study of its kind to analyse gay male, lesbian, and heterosexual couples on grassroots issues specified as sex, communication, and money. Among many opposite findings, their inquiry showed that lesbian couples had less frequent sex than anyone else. And thusly was foaled the figure of “lesbian bed death.” A relative quantity of comparative studies in the past 30 life hold replicated these results, tho' a few someone set up no differences 'tween homo and heterosexual couples.

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Lesbian Stories

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