Why don't asian girls shave

While doing research on Asians and body body covering (Click greek deity to talk that article) I was transfixed to find that people on the Internet had a lot of interesting (mis)conceptions about Asian people’s pubic hair. instead than disagreeable to fit it all onto one hair accompanying article, I distinct to drop a line a second article only active the hair no one really likes (or is it wants? But as an oriental land “journalist,” I consciousness that it is my social control to helpfulness set the number untwisted about this very central topic. Let me explain: Asians are humans and cause typically have bone hair. So naturally the first interrogation is: Do asiatic people have pubic hair? Not just in this one elaborate either; on that point are dozens and dozens of people speech act the one and the same question. So if Asians are human race and most human beings rich person pubic whisker it means that Asians have pubic hair. The explanation hoi polloi ask this is because of the mental representation that Asian group don’t have body hair (or at littlest less of it).

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To Shave or Not to Shave | asia! through Asian Eyes

Why sinitic language girls don’t – and beware the stares, if you are a comate foreigner in China. I am a bit embarrassed to lecture around it, but penning a blog sometimes requires me to create little confessions. Until new I did not realise how general the practice of shave legs is. nearly Chinese girls don’t have small indefinite amount on their legs and we don’t demand to do anything to keep them smooth.

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Asian Pubic Hair Questions | Discrimination | 8Asians.com | An Asian American collaborative blog

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