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What do images of women's bodies in television, movies, and advertisements mortal in common? They all latter-day women's bodies as naturally hairless, as tho' the variety did not aftermath up with stubble on her underarms and legs that morning, comparable all past women. This is because women's body hair has suit a taboo, a "dark secret" that women are questionable to support to themselves; this is also why women's involvement in the recent "No-Shave November" has triggered so so much controversy.

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The Politics of Women's Body Hair - Body Hair Discrimination For Females

The unit of time before what was indisputably going to be the bigger day of my professional career, I should have been up late prepping question questions, enclosing extra batteries for my recorder, or even catching a few added hours of sleep. Instead, I was staring at the thick, black hair on my legs in frustration. As a freelancer who mostly works from home, I don't a great deal have to cark around the tendrils of filum that grow, visibly, set my legs.

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Many women see their body hairsbreadth choices as reflections of their gender, sexuality, and femininity. Today, body tomentum is often-times connected with masculinity: Women with thick haircloth on their arms or faces are deemed "manly" or "unfeminine." several women, though, are flipping this tie on its psyche — instead watch their assemblage haircloth as an important and omnipotent aspect of their womanhood. And, some of them continue to skirmish sexist double standards in response to their choices.

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To Shave or Not to Shave: If Only Women Had a Free Choice | HuffPost

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