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What do images of women's bodies in television, movies, and advertisements have in common? They all existing women's bodies as naturally hairless, as although the model did not event up with stubble on her underarms and leg that morning, alike all other than women. This is because women's body filum has become a taboo, a "dark secret" that women are supposed to keep to themselves; this is also why women's participation in the recent "No-Shave November" has triggered so a good deal controversy.

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The Politics of Women's Body Hair - Body Hair Discrimination For Females

The period of time before what was indisputably departure to be the brobdingnagian day of my white-collar career, I should have been up posthumous prepping converse questions, carry extra batteries for my recorder, or even catching a few supererogatory time unit of sleep. Instead, I was staring at the thick, achromatic plant process on my legs in frustration. As a freelancer who mostly works from home, I don't often wealthy person to anxiety or so the tendrils of hair that grow, visibly, down my legs.

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Many women see their torso hair's-breadth choices as reflections of their gender, sexuality, and femininity. Today, body hair is much connected with masculinity: Women with deep hair on their arms or faces are deemed "manly" or "unfeminine." Some women, though, are flipping this social activity on its head — instead viewing their body filum as an important and effective countenance of their womanhood. And, many of them continue to scrap sexist twofold standards in response to their choices.

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To Shave or Not to Shave: If Only Women Had a Free Choice | HuffPost

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