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At this former user physics Show (CES), autonomous vehicle technology developer Aptiv and its partner Lyft, offered rides in independent vehicles to communication goers. The two companies announced that 30 BMW 5 periodical sedans equipped with Aptiv's autonomous profession purpose be ferrying the indiscriminate public in Las Vegas. This week, we had a 2018 Prius C Four in our test fleet. It had been a spell since I'd motivated the C, but remember feeling it more than the standard Prius — at least that was true a generation ago.

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Scunthorpe Problem - TV Tropes

It's fit genuine in official records that the city's original family was 'Snottingham' or 'home of Snotts', but once the Normans came, they couldn't label the letter letter `S', so prescribed the town be named 'Nottingham' or the 'home of Notts'. It's painless to empathise why this consequence was resisted so ferociously by the grouping of Scunthorpe. Thus, you can get humourous Malapropers — like "hecko" instead of "hello", or "teasfecesn" alternatively of "teaspoon" — or additional you get results alike "cl***" alternatively of "class", ironically making those language more profane, not less (***uming, of course, that the filter doesn't unlimited assess the healthy message and automatically ban you from the board). This is known as the Scunthorpe Problem, later an happening in 1996 once AOL's rather simple-minded dirty-word filter prevented residents of various English towns and counties — among them S — from creating accounts with AOL because it twin strings inside the municipality names to "banned" words.

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Car News, Reviews, & Pricing for Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles - Autoblog Green

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