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But this conceals the fact that in totality numbers, far fewer Arab girls than boys are completing - or even going into - education. In countries wish Sudan and Yemen, the situation is especially bad. Indeed, geographic area is really leaving backwards - 45% of children of school day age are not attending school.

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10 Things From My Real Life Which Appear In My Book By Hannah Vincent

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5 Women on What It's Like to Be Young and Arab in Paris

On August 24, a group of weaponed police officers forced a female person to remove clothing that resembled a burkini on a beach in Nice, France. The incident not exclusive humiliated an exonerated woman, but acanthous to a dire escalation of the continuing oppressiveness of Muslim and Arab minorities in the country–all under the pretense of defending a secular culture. And although the modest horizontal costume ban was upraised today, the stain remains.

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BBC NEWS | Middle East | Muslim girls struggle for education

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